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Price List

We know that money can be a tricky issue to discuss, especially when we are making important decisions about our beloved pets, so here’s our sample price list…

East End Vets Vaccine Price List

Standard Vaccines Price
Vaccinate Cat Flu and FeLV £ 42.00
Vaccinate Cat Flu only £ 28.00
Vaccinate Cat Restart Course £ 60.00
Vaccinate Dog DHPPiL/Pil
£ 38.50
Vaccinate Dog Restart course
£ 60.00
Vaccinate Kennel Cough
£ 36.00
Vaccinate KC (Dog Walker Discount)
£ 24.00
Vaccinate KC (with any vac)
£ 18.00
Vaccinate Kitten 1st Flu Only
£ 24.00
Vaccinate Kitten 2nd Flu Only £ 24.00
Vaccinate Kitten 1st Flu/FeLV £ 36.00
Vaccinate Kitten 2nd Flu/FeLV £ 36.00
Vaccinate Puppy 1st £ 34.00
Vaccinate Puppy 2nd £ 34.00
Vaccinate Rabies £ 45.00
Vaccinate Rabbit £ 34.00

East End Vets Surgery Price List

Standard Surgery Price
Bitch Spay small 10kg £ 180.00
Bitch Spay medium 10-25kg £ 200.00
Bitch Spay Large 25-40kg £ 240.00
Bitch Spay Giant/Deep Chested/Obese £ 280.00
Dog Castrate £ 145.00
Dog Castrate Inguinal Testicle £ 165.00
Dog Castrate Abdominal Testicle £ 220.00
Cat Spay £ 87.00
Cat Castrate £ 60.00
Rabbit Spay £ 95.00
Rabbit Castrate £ 65.00

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