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Costs & Finances


Our approach to money

We know that money can be a tricky issue to discuss, especially when we are making important decisions about our beloved pets, so here’s our commitment to you……

We will never be an expensive clinic

We want all pets to receive the best possible care and so we strive to give affordable excellence at all times. We will discuss the treatment options and cost implications as clearly as possible so that we can make a decision WITH you (not for you) about the optimal approach – this is bespoke health care at its best! Being an independent vet practice helps guarantee this – there will NEVER be sales targets for any staff – we work for compassion, never for commission.

Furthermore, we realise that the costs of some treatments and investigations can be significant and so for those who need it* we have partnered with a trusted UK-wide group to provide low interest or ZERO interest credit for larger bills, meaning your pet can get the necessary treatment without you having to worry (at a time that is stressful enough) about where the money is coming from.

We will never be a “cheap” clinic

We don’t want a cheap doctor for our children, or a cheap surgeon for our heart transplant; we don’t buy cheap brakes for our car. And personally, I don’t want cheap treatment for my pets! Moreover, cheap vet clinics have to run a business somehow and something has to give – either they give cheap headline prices but then other less visible costs become exorbitant, or the quality of the care suffers.

In contrast, East End Vets is committed to giving affordable and accessible veterinary care to all. Our pricing is highly competitive with other local practices (and is often more affordable). For example, our consults are priced at £29.50 but this is for 15 minutes rather than the usual 10 minutes that many others give ie 33% better value!

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And finally (as if that lot wasn’t enough!) we are also committed to giving away a percentage of the money the practice makes. Each year we will choose various animal-based charities to support – your suggestions are welcome! We do this because we are big-picture people with big hearts and because it is the right thing to do. Animals are an amazing part of this world, and give us so much – it’s only right we bless them by giving something back.   


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